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Rehegoo CEO and Founder Marco Rinaldo Reflects on the Label’s Collaboration with Global Icon Quincy Jones

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Global music production company Rehegoo Music Group, and Quincy Jones Productions, owned by Grammy Legend Award-winner Quincy Jones, have entered into an unprecedented joint-venture to promote underground artists and give them a voice in the music industry.

Up until now, “bedroom artists” have been drowned out amid the mass-marketing of the industry’s most dominant labels and agencies. With the advent of digital music platforms, Rehegoo Music has been able to develop and promote the music of various new artists by strategically placing their music on such platforms, and exposing their music to the mass-market. With a similar mission, Quincy Jones Productions has signed-on, forming Q&R Music, LLC, in order to leverage his world-renowned star power and help create a platform for undiscovered artists to reach a wider fanbase.

Rehegoo has recently been inducted as a voting member into the GRAMMY Society which allows the imprint to vote for nominees and propose artists for GRAMMY consideration. The company is also the subject of a chapter in the newly released book Rockonomics (Crown Publishing Group) by the late celebrated economist Alan B. Krueger, a former chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers.

The Hype Magazine caught up with Rehegoo CEO and Founder Marco Rinaldo to get a better take on the company and the opportunities the label provides for up and comers!

What is the strategy behind Rehegoo Music and its joint venture with  Quincy Jones Productions? 

Quincy Jones Productions has joined forces with Rehegoo Music in order to discover and promote underground talent –- a mission that has been employed by Rehegoo since day one. 

Rather than searching for the next “big star” like most traditional record labels, our strategy is to focus on helping undiscovered artists break into the industry by selling their music on digital platforms, increasing their visibility with the help of our marketing and A&R specialists, and most importantly, ensuring that they get paid for their work by collecting and distributing fair royalty payments. 

We’ve been developing a digital strategy for artist representation for half a decade, and we refine our practices every day as we study market trends and test new waters on the digital marketing and publishing frontiers. 

What does the collaboration entail? 

The collaboration entails combining the efforts and recourses of two agencies – Rehegoo Music and Quincy Jones Productions. Rehegoo offers a fresh and nuanced knowledge of digital music publishing, while QJP brings to the table decades of experience in talent discovery and music industry expertise. The new meets the old in this unprecedented partnership between a young record label with a millennial mindset, and the legendary skills of a music industry icon. 

One thing that both QJP and Rehegoo Music took notice of, was the availability of fully- produced tracks by so-called “bedroom artists.” Bedroom Artists are a new breed of musician, who produce professional-sounding music from home. 

All of this fantastic, radio-ready music often goes overlooked by music fans worldwide. Our mission is to expose these artists, and their music, to the global fanbase. 

What does it mean for you to have the legendary Quincy Jones understand and support the mission? 

We are humbled to be recognized by Quincy Jones, and grateful to be joined by him in our mission. To us, it means that we are headed in the right direction, growing as a label in the music industry, and adding value to the artist community. Our strides toward changing the world of entertainment are strengthened, exponentially, by the star-power of the legendary Q – a man who has helped to blossom the careers of some of the 

greatest musicians and actors in Hollywood history, by valuing the art, instead of chasing the dollar. We pride ourselves in sharing these values. 

How does Q&R look to change the lives of underground/unsigned artists? 

We look to give these artists the tools they need to license, publish, and market their music, and most importantly, get paid for their hard work and talent. 

Will Q&R stand equipped to handle the international music landscape? 

Absolutely! One thing that sets us apart from other labels, is that we expand our talent search to cover every corner of the globe, and not limit our access to only those who can make their way into LA or NY for a meeting. Many of our international artists have never even set foot in one of our offices! We’ve perfected the process of global artist representation, from anywhere in the world. 

Is there a roster already in queue? 

As of May 2019, our talent search has begun. We’ve just drawn up our first contracts, and look forward to signing many more, as our partnership with QJP continues to flourish. 

What is the most important thing for hopefuls to know about Q&R and its processes? 

Here’s where we can offer some advice for young artists: music production tools are more easily accessible than ever before – microphones, software, midi boxes— everything is available to you, in order to create fully-produced tracks from the comfort of your home! 

What’s most interesting to us as talent scouts, is uncovering these fully-produced songs, which are being drowned out amid the mass-marketing of major record labels and their biggest stars. 

There is good music out there, that deserves a listen. We aim to discover that music and use our recourses to give it a boost. If you’re looking to catch our attention – show us a clean sound, professional production, and a unique musical style. You’d be amazed at how many “bedroom artist” tracks we discover daily, that sound like they were created in a $100,000 studio. These artists were the inspiration that sparked our record label. 

Where can we find more information? 

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