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Published on October 16th, 2019 | by Jerry Doby


Garren Releases Massive Visuals for Single ‘Wake Up’

As we live in an era where many are not satisfied with how they were made and society seems to be ok with pushing that outlook, making billions from body modifications, it’s refreshing to catch a joint that declares, “you are ok, just the way you are.” The message in Garren’s new single has to do with self-acceptance with the bigger message that you should be accepted without the need for enhancements. That’s not to say if one feels the PERSONAL need to do something that you shouldn’t but that the outside is not a reflection of your inner core which is the most important aspect.

Here’s the official line on Garren and his single “Wake Up”

Compton-bred hip-hop/R&B artist Garren teases that a new project is on the way with the release of his latest single and music video “Wake Up.” Garren’s smooth vocal cadence complements the catchy chorus and charisma on the new record celebrating a woman’s natural beauty.

The accompanying video for “Wake Up” proves an audiovisual reminder of the power, grace, and exceptional beauty of a woman as we follow Garren’s love interest as she struggles to face herself in the mirror seemingly overwhelmed with the thought of never being good enough. Garren sings out words of love and empowerment urging to her underneath all the makeup, clothes and wigs – she is stunning and more than enough to him.

“What you already have is enough, it’s special when it’s authentic, so wake up,” Garren proclaims.

Garren has been a prominent voice among his hometown city of LA and has provenly carved out his own path in music with a slew of singles and his debut EP ‘Normal’ in 2018.  In that same year, Garren also earned his first Grammy nomination for his vocal contribution for Nipsey Hussle’s record “Dedication” off his acclaimed 2018 album ‘Victory Lap’. Garren also contributed background vocals to Dreamville’s recent album ‘Revenge’, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and achieved platinum certification.

In 2019, Garren has expanded his artistic focus to film, with the creation of his documentary, ‘Normal: The Documentary’. The film offers viewers an honest look into Garren’s personal experiences growing up in south central and Compton, and follows his journey of how he got himself out of that environment through focusing on his career and his music. ‘Normal: The Documentary’ recently won for “Best Documentary Short” at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.


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