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Published on August 12th, 2021 | by Dj Smoke


4Play – Mission Accomplished

4Play releases debut single “Mission Accomplished” 

Born in the Bahamas and singing since he was only a child, Rodney Munnings, better known as 4Play, is an electric new artist who is sharing his story and his sound with the world. 4Play has recently released his new single “Mission Accomplished,” which is a tribute to the work he has put into his career and all of the things he has been able to do through that. This track is an upbeat and energetic introduction to an artist that is already set up for an amazing career.  

Creating 4Play’s first release, “Mission Accomplished” was a natural and seemingly effortless process. “I was hyped over this one. I was really just having fun in the studio with some friends when I came across the beat.” From there the track took off. Now it’s already a hit with so many people.  

“Mission Accomplished” is already picking up traction with fans of Hip Hop, and with the mix of story and lyricism that 4Play provides, it’s not surprising that it is already so popular. This track has an amazing and relatable message to it that just adds to the magic of this song. “This song is about what it means to be here and how grateful I am for being where I am already. I’m grateful and that’s what allows me to continue making the music I love.” 

4Play is always hard at work in the studio, creating masterpieces such as his most recent release. “Sometimes I’m in the studio all night long. I really don’t get bored or tired of working because I’m always looking for something new. Once I put in the work for these things, it always pays off.” His music truly showcases his skill and ability both as a lyricist and in the studio and it is obvious that he is only just getting started.  

On top of “Mission Accomplished,” 4Play is already excited to release another single. “For The Money” is another track that can simply be described as a banger. It’s not the only project that he has in the works either. There is so much to come from 4Play and he is excited to share his art and himself with the rest of the world. 4Play hopes that the people who listen to his music know that this is just the beginning and that he has so much more to come.  

Be sure to check out 4Play on social media and stream songs like “Mission Accomplished” as well all of his other exciting tracks. Links to all of these can be found below. 

youtube link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH_v4YFhYjs  

Facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/4playsongwriter  

instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/4playsongwriter/ 

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