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Published on August 12th, 2021 | by Dj Smoke


Active Da Cutthroat – Losing My Mind

New single from Active Da Cutthroat displays rare skill 

Alvester Wilson was making music long before the long days sitting in jail when he would write the raps that make up his latest hit project. But jail is where he decided to take music more seriously. Influenced by other Bay area artists such as Mac Dre, E40, Mistah Fab, Keak da Sneak, and Richie Rich, just to name a few, Wilson said he’s been playing with music for so long that he couldn’t just sit to the side and let his opportunities pass him by. 

“I’ve just been in the way too much,” he said. “I just needed to sit down and focus on something and capitalize off of it.” 

The east Oakland-made, Las Vegas-paid rapper who goes by Active Da Cutthroat said it was a matter of if he got out of jail, not when. But he posted a $500,000 bond last fall and was released in September. Now he’s making up for lost time.  

“I didn’t know the business end of things, but at the same time I didn’t care because I was in the streets. Rap was just some fun shit when I had the time to do something with it,” he said. “I was putting all my money into the wrong spots. Basically, I threw my money away instead of investing in me. Now I can do it the right way and actually make a living off of it if I keep pressing.” 

Active’s new project, the 10-song album “Salute At The Neck,” was released on April 20. After 10 months from his release from jail, active never had the time to finish it until now. It’s a project that showcases West Coast Bay Area Trap that exposes Wilson’s vulnerable side and the hurdles he’s faced in life. His favorite track is “Losing My Mind” – which features B.Mo The Hitta and brings together two artists who are years apart in age.  

“I like it because I’m 30 but B.Mo The Hitta he’s like 17 and so I feel like ever since I dropped wit lil bruh, the younger crowd been taping N,” Active said. “So I’m breaking through to my young lifes out there – the teenagers really rockin wit me so now since we made that move we got the high schools going crazy school. He listens to a lot of younger artists like Lil Tjay ,Toosii, and Polo G and a few others. He kind of resembles that new wave of hip hop that’s going on and that’s what he’s doing right now. He surprised me with his vocals. It came out better than I thought it was going to be.” 

The music video for “Losing My Mind” was released July 4 and is available on Active Da Cutthroat’s YouTube channel, as well as all other platforms. 

He’s also worked with artists like Mozzy, Tyga, Waka Flocka, Vic Menca and Nef The Pharoah, babyface Gunna, Omb Peezy, Billionair Black, and King Yella. 

Active’s new music is helping to support his family. Raised by a single mother, he and his brothers and sister, aunt and grandmother made the move from California to Las Vegas where they stayed and moved back more then a few times. his grandmother was the real backbone of the family, keeping everyone together. She has since passed away, and Active’s mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.  

“I’m trying to keep this shit going,” Cutthroat said. “This is the only avenue I feel I have left besides doing illegal shit. I’ve been rapping for years. I used to produce and make beats. I mix and master. I’ve been doing this since I was 14. I never had the money or time to sit down and do it. Now I got my second chance with my case I’m fighting right now. I’m currently on house arrest but ain’t nothing stopping me. I’ve got a studio in my house. I’m just pushing it.” 

Wilson is releasing a pair of joint projects in the next few months, including “Street Etiquette” with his Vallejo counterpart Mainy, and “Codefendants” featuring San Diego’s Kt.Mad. After that he’ll focus on his next solo project, which could be “Salute At The Neck 2,” or a new series altogether. He plans to tour in support of that release.  

He’s released 15 music videos since September, so people are still getting his music even when he’s not in the studio. The first video for “Up The Skoe,” featuring BabyFace Gunna, has already garnered close to 100,000 YouTube views.  

“Everybody don’t know me yet, but when they start taping N they’re going to get a better idea who’s Active Da Cutthroat and just not the person with the name, if you know what I mean,” he said. “Active Da Cutthroat ain’t a bad person as far as the name being cutthroat but life is cutthroat so you play it cutthroat. You See It!” 

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