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Published on August 6th, 2021 | by Dj Smoke


Andale – Streets Have No Name

Stand-out rapper emerges from rising Buffalo hip-hop scene with impressive new single ‘Streets Don’t Love You’ 

Angel R. Pimentel, known professionally as Andale_Pizzi, is a rap and hip-hop artist and songwriter who is one of the standouts from the recent surge of hip-hop activity out of Buffalo, New York. Originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico, Andale_Pizzi grew up as the oldest of four in the lower west side of Buffalo. The city has been almost a laboratory of experimentation and new energy in the genre over the past three years, and Andale_Pizzi took full advantage of that environment to develop a unique sound and style that is drawing new audiences from all over the world.  

His latest single “Streets Don’t Love You” is the latest example of his raw talent and ability. The first off his “Between The Lines” album, it’s a song that takes inspiration from the roots of hip-hop by telling stories from the streets, but doing so in such a way that it offers a positive inspiration for listeners.  

“When I wrote it there was a lot of homicide and death going on in the city,” Andale_Pizzi said. “That was my motivation to write that song. What the city was going through as far as violence goes made it so that you continuously asked yourself, ‘Who’s next?’ So, part of this song is warning people not to believe everything other people say because it won’t end well. But ultimately the song is about following two different paths – one that keeps you alive and one that could take your life.” 

It’s the perfect single to showcase his work on “Between The Lines,” which he describes as a project that’s old, gritty, and an homage to the classic hip-hop vibe of the late 80s and early 90s. That’s the sounds he grew up listening to, he said, and he’s eager to bring back some of that nostalgic feel. But that’s not to say he’s a knockoff of some of the legends of the past. Not at all, in fact. His sound is fresh and distinct. His wordplay is clever and deep. The way he spits, if you don’t pay attention it could go over your head. Listeners have to focus on what he’s rapping about, and when they do they’re often stunned with the clarity he brings to so many different situations.  

“My wordplay is what I hope people remember the most about my music,” he said. “My ideas aren’t like most people. Everything I’ve got is different. The subjects I touch on aren’t like what other rappers in the game are talking about. I definitely have my own sound – that’s a fact. I feel like I stand out in a genre where everyone else sounds the same. And a lot of audiences are gonna feel it.” 

“Streets Don’t Love You” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and will soon be followed by the 17 other songs and skits on “Between The Lines.”

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All social media: @andale_pizzi 

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