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Hype Interview: Meet Award-Winning Black Filmmaker and Screenwriter Antoinette Fernandez

Antoinette Fernandez is a multi-award-winning screenwriter from Boston Massachusetts. She currently has 4 multi-award-winning projects “7 Evils”, “Just By Chance”, “Out On A Limb”, and “Still Got The Juice “ circulating throughout the film festival circuit globally. She continues to walk her path to success by creating stories with the content of everyday life mixing truth with fiction for all cultures to enjoy. She is currently working on her documentary called (The Word Is Out — The Introduction 2 Still Got The Juice ) as well as an animated series called “ One Cruel Summer “ (Mason’s City) Antoinette remains humble, thankful and focused on bringing forth these project to an audience on a major network. In a 6-month time frame, she was awarded 66 awards combined with 4 multi-award-winning original projects globally, worldwide recognition, and opportunities that she can only say is all GODSPLAN.

You have accomplished a lot so far as a screenwriter and film director. What’s next on your amazing career journey bucket list?

Antoinette Fernandez: You know the funny thing is.. I am one of those people who live in the moment. The thought of a bucket list never crossed my mind. I usually wake up and say I am doing this today and I do it. However, the one thing I promised myself I will do when I am established as a screenwriter/filmmaker would be to give actors an opportunity to rise to stardom. By that, I mean casting actors who eat, sleep and breathe acting in a few of my projects as I’ve seen Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes, and Spike Lee do.

I feel this would really help them get their name out there. I think sometimes in the acting world the gems at times are still in the background even though they may be doing the necessary things to enhance their career, such as taking acting classes, etc… at times they may be passed over and I like to be one of those Filmmakers who can provide a platform for them to succeed in this industry.

We understand you have a movie poster dedicated to your late sister. Our sincere condolences. What would you say to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one to keep pursuing their dreams?

Antoinette Fernandez: Never give up. My sister has been gone for five and half years. It took me literally 4 years to be ok with her passing. I won’t tell anyone what to do for their feelings of a loved one passing away because it would be totally different from mine. However, I’ll share this….. each day I allow myself to remember my sister in her best days, not her worst. I talk to her in my dreams and though she’s not here in the flesh I still share everything with her as if she were here in the flesh. She died broken-hearted at such a young age. This is why I keep her memory alive. For I want her to know she was always loved and still loved and it gives me peace knowing she’s somewhere cheering me on throughout my journey.

Who are some film directors that inspire you and why?

Antoinette Fernandez: For comedy, I will go with Tyler Perry. All of his Madea movies always have me laughing. Madea’s attitude reminds me of my grandmother, my aunt, and my mother. I can relate to getting smacked in the head for mumbling under my breath or attempting to roll my eyes lol.

Steven Spielberg, I mean what hasn’t he done? From Color Purple, Indiana Jones, to Jurassic Park, Catch Me If You Can, and the list goes on and on. He’s absolutely an amazing director.

Ava DuVernay, When They See Us was beyond deep. If you didn’t feel a type of way after watching this film …. watch it again. This film really brought out emotions that I didn’t know existed in me and when you can do that to me as a director or writer … You’re beyond GOOD!

Martin Scorsese, For all my mafia films. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest. Good Fellas is one of my favorites movies. The acting and directing are beyond superb. Especially when Robert Deniro is stomping the guy in the bar.

Spike Lee, My two favorite Spike Lee movies are Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing. Denzel embodied that role so much so that he was a striking resemblance to Malcolm as well as the tone of his voice. That is absolutely amazing. It’s like Malcolm spirit came through Denzel and said you want to play me? Ok, I’m going to help you. Do The Right Thing is definitely a classic film. It makes you really think about the world and what people before us went through to make a way for us as minorities.

You have received so many awards and are gaining tons of recognition through film festival circuits. How are you feeling right now?

Antoinette Fernandez: Believe it or not I am still in awe for having 4 multi-award-winning projects which are 7 Evils, Still Got The Juice, Just By Chance, and Out On A Limb. These projects won a combined total of 66 awards globally in 6 months. I am very thankful, yet remaining humble as always. For we know it doesn’t get any easier when you start to win. But our journey is always God’s Plan.

For those who may be just learning about you and your amazing work, what else would you like them to know about you?

Antoinette Fernandez: I am a lot of fun though it may seem like I am all about work. I love to joke around too. It definitely gets me in trouble when my jokes go too far. Though overall, I love placing happiness in someone’s life rather than negative vibes.

Name a movie that can define your pandemic journey. What was the message of the movie and how can you relate to it?

Antoinette Fernandez: That’s a tough one, for most of 2020 we were faced with so much turmoil that I spent half of 2020 writing my own original stories. It was very difficult for me to even want to turn on the news during that time. So I can’t say I have a movie that can define me during the pandemic. But I can give you a song that defines me — Elton John “I’m Still Standing” yeah yeah yeah.

What are you hype about for the second half of 2021?

Antoinette Fernandez: What am I Hype about ? that’s too easy lol… I am so HYPED to be featured in HYPE MAGAZINE and I am so honored to be featured and thank my PR team Visionary Minds PR And Media for booking me in such an amazing publication.

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