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Rapper Kyle Teams Up With NTWRK (unlock mixtape playlists – via QR codes – on these Rémy Martin bottles)



Rémy Martin and rapper Kyle have joined forces in order to celebrate the Mixtape LTO program by building a custom 1-of-1 Remy Martin LTO Mixtape inspired record player. NTWRK, North America’s leading livestream shopping app, will introduce the mixtape-inspired LTO bottle while celebrating the Team Up for Excellence campaign with a custom high-end record player for audiophiles. Packaged with a coupon LTO bottle, only a few lucky winners will have the chance to secure the turntable in a drawing.

On an unrelated note, this past January 28th saw the release of Kyle’s fifth but first project as an independent artist, It’s Not So Bad



Now this is all part of the Team Up for Excellence Campaign?

I’ve teamed up for excellence in the music industry before. I’ve teamed up with my fellow artists, as well as a community of people who wish to see joyous, happy, positive music shine in today’s society. Not only does this community wish to see that, but they also wish to see artists like myself that are trying to have a positive impact on kids rise to the top.

Can you talk to me a little bit about NTWRK; how you first came to their attention, and how they linked you with the Rémy Martin brand?

NTWRK is a special place because you get to interact with a community of people who are into a similar product, genre or hobby as you. I think it’s a great place for people to meet each other. Shouts out to the homie, Mateo, for introducing me to NTWRK, and its a great community of people.


Longevity, what do you feel has been the ultimate key to your success?

I think the ultimate key to my success has been never going back on my word of who I am as an artist. I think a lot of artists will change their sound in order to try and appeal to what’s currently hot. I make sure the main focus of my music is able to answer these questions or fulfill this need. Is this helping somebody with some aspect of their life? Is there something that someone needs to learn that I can teach them, provide for them and guide them? Am I offering any guidance in my music? Because I put those thoughts first, I feel like I genuinely touch peoples’ lives and that kind of love lasts a lifetime.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to get my story. Through getting my story, I want them to learn how to overcome adversity and what life throws at them. I want them to learn how to have a better outlook on life no matter what the circumstance may be.



You’re about to embark on the I MISS U Tour – For someone who has yet to experience you LIVE, what would you tell them could be expected?

Expect to watch someone have the most fun in their ENTIRE life, while simultaneously having the most fun YOU have had in your entire life.




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