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Nine Amazing Luxury Family Time Ideas for You and Your Loved Ones

“Daddy, when are we going on our next vacation?” “Mummy, you barely spend time with us?” “Honestly, I owe my family a nice family time. We’re more than due.”

Does any of this sound like an impression you or the kids have? If so, you’ve come to the right place. 

Everybody knows spending quality time with our loved ones is just as important as anything else in life. Yet, many of us rarely have the time to do it. Our reasons? There just isn’t time. Unfortunately, there never will be. Not with the ever-demanding nature of our lives. You just have to make up your mind to do it. 

Having said that, when you do, make sure it’s luxurious and memorable to last a long time. Below are some nice ideas to get you going.

9 amazing luxury family-time ideas for you and your loved ones

  • Organize a luxury night-out at a fancy location

Is there a fancy restaurant in town the kids have been speaking about, a location from a movie they love, or a dream destination the whole family is crazy about?

If there is, make plans to take a trip there. It’s going to be an all-nighter, with everyone having the fun of their lives. There will be love shared, lots of pictures taken, and bonding at its very best.

By and large, the idea is to pick out an ideal luxury location (could be a five-star hotel, resort, or a luxury park) where everyone could be spoilt rotten.

  • Organize a once-in-a-lifetime day experience 

It’s not every day one gets to spend time at a shooting range; neither is it a common experience to go out flying a chopper.

These are the kinds of experiences that blow people’s minds away. If you’re thinking about luxury experiences for the family, think in this direction. It’s all about coming up with ingenious ideas. We’ve given you two ideas already, go online and search for more. Another one is a boat or a yacht cruise. Or a motorcycle or moped ride.

These are the kinds of experiences that stay in the memory forever.

As far as picking a spot for your once-in-a-lifetime experience goes, you can use the NiceLocal app to find the best spots anywhere. For example, if you want to try the chopper ride, the app can help you find the best helicopter ride NYC or any part of the world. If you want the bike experience, Nicelocal can connect you to the best moped rental NYC service. The same goes for your other once-in-a-lifetime luxury experiences (bowling, shooting ranges, hiking, etc.)

  • Plan a family-cation 

Another wonderful idea is taking the family out of their comfort zone and touring the world together. You could visit a new country, state, or region, depending on what your budget permits.

All-in-all, the plan is to get out from your hometown or home country and go somewhere safe and new.

For individual members of the family, this is a good opportunity to experience the world outside, especially if going out hasn’t really been their thing.

As a family, stepping out of your residential home and living somewhere else for a long period is a sure way of imbibing certain traits of togetherness in every member of the family. 

Finally, since the experience is intended to be luxurious, you want to make sure everything is luxurious every step of the way. That means picking a luxury country, accommodation, flight option, meals, etc.

  • Travel around the world (but maybe not in 80 days)

What about dressing up, hitting the road, and checking out multiple destinations?

What could be more luxurious than that? Imagine a trip down the axis of the Americas in one week. You could move from the U.S. into Canada, spend time in Mexico, and check out spots in the Caribbean. Or you could head to Europe and spend the entire week. Imagine touring the Postojna Caves of Slovenia, the British Museum in London, the Monte Carlo resort of Monaco amid other luxurious destinations in Europe.

While touring these destinations, you could pick a common theme for your experiences or have a mixed experience. For example, you could decide to check out just the sports culture in a country. For a place like the U.S., that would mean checking out indoor tennis courts, football stadiums, soccer grounds, etc.

  • Have a family-themed dinner

Everybody holds dinners every time, but why not take things up a notch by asking everyone to bring a friend to this special dinner?

Of course, it would be a night of wining and dining where everyone would share old-time memories and wishes for the future. But it would also be a bonding experience.

I remember watching a similar dinner experience in one old-school T.V. show. It featured a Japanese family whose daughter and son were dating an American guy and an Albanian lady.

The family made sure it was an all-luxurious dinner of Japanese meals. So the American and Albanian guests had no choice but to join in on the cuisines. It was tough at first, but everybody still had a nice evening in the end.

You, too, can have a similar family-themed dinner with your wife, kids, and friends. How luxurious it will be is totally up to you!

  • Go to the cinemas together

How many times do we see families sitting next to one another at a cinema? It’s not really a common theme. Usually, we mostly see lovers, couples, singles, or at best, a mom/kid and their kid.

Why not a trip for the whole family? I mean, like the father, mother, daughter, son, cousins, and friends going to see the latest Marvel action release. Of course, that would cost more money, but isn’t that the whole point of luxury experiences? To spend your money on invaluable experiences.

Imagine the entire clan going to watch a blockbuster movie and then snapping photos at the end; don’t you think that would make for a nice I.G. and TikTok content?

Of course, it would.

  • Go to a live band, talk show, sports match, or concert together

Like cinema experiences, a live show is another thing we rarely see families show up together for. I mean, what’s bad in an entire family going to watch the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga’s concert, or a live band performance in NYC?

Yet, what we regularly see are individuals and partners. Never the whole clan.

Once upon a time, I remember watching an NBA match where an entire family was spotted in the crowd donning the home team’s jersey. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. I’m sure they must have been planning that for a long time.

You, too, can buy tickets for the whole family for the next UFC fight. It doesn’t have to be you and bae alone. Bring the kids along, too.

Trust me; you’ll be glad you did because such memories don’t leave the mind quickly.

  • Visit rare centers, government offices, and high-class venues

How about a visit to the U.S. Capitol? Perhaps you didn’t know; there’s a chance for the general public to visit and access special sections in the U.S. Capitol. This is called the visitors center.

Of course, you’ll need a pass to enter the building. If you can get that, why not see if you can bring the family along, too. For the kids, I don’t think anything could be more luxurious than a chance to see firsthand the U.S. house of Representatives in session, or at least to see the venue where they meet.

There are other amazing centers you could visit like the World Health Organization, the CDC, public museums, Trade Centers, etc.

By and large, the opportunity is limitless. Look out for a popular center that’s admitting visitors and take the family on a little excursion.

  • Go on a luxury shopping

If you’re lucky to have a booming business, thanks to some terrific business advertising ideas, splashing blindly on the family can be a great idea, too.

Let me give you some ideas for that.

I doubt your kids have seen a diamond store before. What about visiting the official stores of some of the top fashion brands they rock? Talk about H&M, Gucci, Dior, etc.

Why not take a luxury trip to these spots? It doesn’t get any more luxurious than a splurge on the latest designer wears, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Again, you could use the Nicelocal app to find out the biggest luxury fashion outlets near you. That’s if you don’t know where they are located.

Finally, your luxury shopping doesn’t have to be restricted to your home country alone. It could be extended overseas. I mean, people travel as far as going to Italy to have a firsthand taste of Gucci. You, too, could head with the family to France for a winter shopping at the Dior store.

Final words

One article is not enough to list all the amazing luxury ideas you could have for the family. But we hope this nine will suffice. Reflect on all and pick out the one you feel the family will appreciate the most.


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