Issue #132 - Digital Cover Brazy Luca (Photo credit Demarquis McDaniels @de_marquis)

Published on May 17th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is Brazy Luca?

I’ve been watching Brazy Luca for a little while now, actually a couple of years. Her consistency and active presence on social media and moving around physically in the industry stood out for me. She’s invested in herself and her craft (nope, she isn’t paying me for this profile). She gets to the stages where people can see her; she’s got quality production and studio work to match her skillfully delivered lyrical missiles. She talks that talk as a female empowerment advocate, but she doesn’t let that mission distract her from telling great stories and spitting like a seasoned pro. She’s focused, hard-working, and honors the game by not delivering hastily made and shoddy work. Also, and probably an unpopular statement, she ain’t all naked and *ish every time you see her. I’m a straight cat, so I do not hate that type of presentation, but I WOULD like to go to a show or watch a video that focuses on the music and NOT have it hide behind a magnificent behind…ijs. To God be the glory for all the women doing their thing however they do it though!

Brazy Luca (Photo credit Demarquis McDaniels @de_marquis)

Brazy Luca (Photo credit Demarquis McDaniels @de_marquis)

Hair MikeADel

Makeup LiffyTheMua 

Mgmt Dream X

Label Empress Empire Entertainment 

Back to the music! Brazy Luca‘s latest single, Bad Mood, is a bold and powerful heads up that she’s to be played with and that she’s coming full force…take a listen below. Gotta be honest, though; I wish the vocals were a bit more prominent.


Brazy Luca is an African American artist, rapper, model, and actress from Salisbury, NC but resides in New York. Her sound is a harmonious blend of north and south swagger with a west coast energetic delivery style. Ms. Luca exudes confidence through her sharp wordplay and mercilessly blunt lyricism.

The 2019 release of “Money Power” spotlighted the situations that she endured in her life while also introducing the world to the powerhouse that is Brazy Luca. This song set the tone and gave a closer look at Brazy Luca’s dynamic universe and lyrical prowess. In March of 2020, she released the spicy and sexually explicit “She Doin It,” highlighting another facet of her versatility as an artist.

Brazy Luca followed up this hit single with her anthem track titled “Boss Ass Bitch” in April of 2020. This hit song raises the energy in every room, not just with its upbeat tempo but through a message of taking back your feminine power and independence. In May, her next single, “Freak Like Me,” followed closely behind. In August of 2020, Brazy Luca released “Splash,” which has 100,000 streams and counting, bringing the energy of fun and sunshine.

Luca’s work ethic is unparalleled. She consistently produces top-quality singles, and she also continues to evolve. Her many performances ranging from the New York Music Festival with Power 105.1 to Radio Ready, Daze Music Festival Summer Jam, and Hip-Hop Ladder Festival also in Charlotte, Ms. Luca’s stage presence is impressive. It is evident that when Brazy Luca is scheduled to perform, you are guaranteed to get a show.

The song that catapulted her career, catching the eyes of Saadiq Larue “Empress Empire Entertainment and legendary KLC The Drum Major “Beats By The Pound, Medicine Man, Overdose Empire,” and ultimately getting her signed was the show-stopping “No Offense,” released in March 2021. The lyrical caliber that Brazy Luca conveys in this song is why she is the first signed artist to the all-female label Empress Empire Entertainment (E3).

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