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Published on July 10th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Album Review: Eva Shaw ‘SOLO’

There have been a few artist debuts thus far in 2022; however, Eva Shaw and her SOLO project is a special one for me; first, because I get to give some love to a DJ delivering their first full-length project, and second because she’s genuinely a nice person and extremely talented! The layers of nuance she delivers on “Solo” are varied yet perfectly Monet…feel me?!


Where did she come from, you ask? Glad to tell you! Born in Toronto, Eva began her career in New York, rapidly capturing the hearts and minds of festival and club-goers across the nation as her energetic sets of Trap, EDM, and Hip Hop comingled with live performances brought the house down at happenings like Ultra Music Festival, and gained her residencies in Vegas at joints like Hakkasan and Omnia. During her journey, Eva garnered support from dance music stalwarts such as Calvin Harris, Tiesto, David Guetta, Avicii, and Afrojack, to name a few of the talents she can now call her contemporaries.

I’m confessing now that I’m on the late freight in doing this review, mostly because I was too busy listening and not writing! Released on June 17th (I SAID I’m late!), SOLO is a 27-song magical creation that is a veritable ride-through with pretty much no skips. According to my calculator (in my head), the album is sitting at about 8 million streams on just Spotify alone and boasts multiple singles with more than 600k spins! THE standout appears to be RAW which as of today sits at over 711k…plaques on plaques on plaques!!!

Now for ME, since this IS my take on the album, Juice is the most fun on the project; it took me beyond just trying to break my neck. I actually attempted to do something that was supposed to look like dancing, in my office, with the door shut AND LOCKED! On the dirty bass tip, Rockstar Wasted had me going, and I kept repeating the joint, which also contributed to my tardiness with this piece. I agree with over 400k people that 40 Bands is a straight banger, as are many others. You know what, I said I wasn’t going to just say this project is dope, and I kinda kept my promise, but hey…this project is dope from the intro to the interlude and the closer…Eva Shaw did her thing, and the featured artists kept up with her.

I’ll shut up now and let you listen! SOLO by Eva Shaw has my Editor’s Pick for the debut of 2022 through the 2nd quarter…period.

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