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Combining Hip Hop and NFTs – Stackpack’s Journey To Global Fame

Very few people alive can say they have worked with Amazon, Belaire, C4 Energy, Samsung and Gucci. Even fewer people can say they own a successful magazine let alone before the age of 30. It would be an understatement to say these incredible feats are impressive. This then begs the question, “what kind of a person can achieve such greatness”? The man behind all these accomplishments is of course the serial entrepreneur, Stackpack. In this article, we take a deep dive into who exactly Stackpack is and what made him a prolific businessman at such a tender age.

As early as age 13, Stackpack had already begun to display rare business acumen. He would buy and sell a lot of merchandise, predominantly sneakers. At the time, it was glaringly obvious to anyone with a set of eyes that the youngman was industrious and resourceful beyond his years. He exhibited business intellect and proactivity that was unusual for his age group. It’s also during the same timeline that Stackpack’s musical talents would be unearthed. In addition to his sneaker selling project, Stackpack was an avid hip hop beat producer. It’s this very same music passion combined with a high “tech” literacy that inspired Stackpack to create a Facebook page to promote his music. During this period, his Facebook page grew at a relatively rapid rate. He became quite a popular figure in school but for all the right reasons one might say.


At a young age, Stackpack had already laid down the foundation for his success in the years to follow. To start off with, running his successful Facebook page gave him an early understanding of what would be required to run the magazine he now owns today. It comes as no surprise that he named the magazine “Internet Traffic”. His initial fascination with social media was to help drive “traffic” to his hip hop beats and sneaker project. Instead of only driving “traffic” towards his own brand, he then decided to create a magazine that would help do the exact same thing for other brands out there besides his own. He started out small and one thing led to another. Today, he has a very successful magazine and online media agency. 

Stackpack’s early adoption of music production is yet another quality that he would capitalize on years later. He has enjoyed working with some of the biggest production companies, record labels and artists worldwide. His initial rise to superstardom was largely because of his musical talents. As previously mentioned, Stackpack was very “tech” literate. His strength in technology would prove pivotal in the years to follow. When the digital age of metarvese and Nfts emerged, Stackpack required little to no time to grasp everything. The strong tech background made it seamless for Stackpack to venture into the digital age. He wasn’t the earliest adopter of the Nft movement but when he got going there truly was no stopping him. He sold out countless artwork and music through Nfts. More importantly, he gained unprecedented popularity among Nft consumers. This popularity led to him gaining recognition from some of the biggest companies in the world. In close to no time, Stackpack became a household name in the crypto and Nft industries. Perhaps one day, there will be a movie about him because his journey has been quite the ride.

Stackpack in Hollywood

Stackpack has also enjoyed relative success as a Hollywood model and as an established author. The man is the epitome of being multifaceted. Despite all the success he has found in numerous fields, he credits everything to God. If you inspect his story closely, you will also realize that at the foundation of all his success is his “business mindset”. His business repertoire is indicative of someone who clearly moves the needle. At present, he is the Vice President of business development for The Oz Club. He is the head of media and talent management for Soulja Boy’s app, Kandiid. Moreover, he is a trusted advisor and media consultant for the Kandiid CEO, Antoine McLaughlin. Simply put, Stackpack is an exceptional youngman with bucket loads of ambition. His message to any readers inspired by his story is to always outwork the competition and leave the rest to God.


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