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“I Avoid Embarrassing The Person” – Cardi B’s Doctor

Dr. Catrise Austin is a world renowned celebrity dentist and number one best selling author. She is a trailblazing expert with an extremely deep resume. Several of Hollywood’s biggest stars have directly worked with Dr. Catrise. Some of the mainstream celebrities on her client list include Cardi B, Soulja Boy, DJ Khaled, ASAP Rocky, Wendy Williams, Busta Rhymes, Common, Claressa Shields, Charles Oakley and many more. As far as global dentistry awards go, Dr. Catrise is extremely decorated. In 2018, she was voted the most influential dentist in America by Kleer magazine. She is currently recognised as being top 25 women in dentistry worldwide by the Dental Product Reports. The iconic Dr. Catrise is also a brand spokesperson for mainstream companies such as Listerine, Colgate, Aquafresh, Crest, Sensodyne and more. She is also a highly touted TV personality who has been seen on Today Show, DrOz, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York, Discovery Health, TMZ, NBC, FOX, ABC, BET and more. Moreover, she is verified on Instagram and other social media platforms under the name @drcatriseaustin. This interview was conducted in front of an online live audience of well over one thousand people. The Hype Magazine’s international correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) sat down for an interview with Dr. Catrise Austin (CA). Below are some excerpts from the interview.


Dr. Catrise Austin

CM: How did you emerge into this iconic figure who clearly transcends conventional dentistry?

CA: Well Charles, it was a journey, it really was. At first, I was just another college graduate with a big ambition but no clear path to fulfill the ambition. Becoming a dentist was probably the part that came most naturally to me because I was passionate about it. However, emerging into a verified influencer and #1 best selling author was a bit more challenging. Initially, I couldn’t even afford to pay a general publicist let alone dream of having celebrity clients. The financial limitation did not deter or discourage me though. Even though I did not have great finances at the time, I still had my skill set which proved very pivotal. I decided early on that using my skills, I could have an alternative to monetary compensation for my publicist. So my publicist and I had an agreement where I would do all her dental work for free in exchange for her services as a publicist’s. The rest is history. Through some of my publicist connections, I started gradually being introduced to mid tier celebrity clients. The best part was these celebrity clients loved my dental service so much that they’d share my name and refer their peers ms. 


Dr. Catrise Austin & Cardi B

CM: Was the decision to become an influencer premeditated and what do you enjoy most about having the platform you have today?

CA: Becoming an influencer was mainly to attract more clients but little did I know that it would get this big. I ended up writing a #1 best selling book, got voted the most influential dentist in the USA and  got featured on a top 25 female dentists in the world list. This also helped propagate my award winning podcast called “Lets Talk Smiles”. Being an influencer has been so enjoyable because I genuinely love spreading awareness about dental health and educating people about dentistry. I have actually built a strong relationship with some of my clients such as Cardi B. She has always been so supportive and caring towards me. Despite Cardi being one of the most followed people in the world, she still remains so authentic and unfiltered which I respect. As an influencer myself, I also strive to be as genuine and authentic as I can be with my audience. The best part of being an influencer for me is being able to positively impact the lives of my audience. It is very fulfilling to know that something you said or did inspired someone to achieve greatness. I have had people approach me and tell me how my book helped transform an aspect of their life and thats what its all about. In a nutshell, the thimg I enjoy most about having this platform is the ability to educate, empower and encourage.


Dr. Catrise’s Books

CM: Right onto the juicy stuff, have you ever encountered celebrities with horrible breaths and did you feel inclined to notify them?

CA: The short answer is yes, Charles. I’ve encountered a good chunk of very famous celebrities that on the day had bad breath or in fact had a deep lying issue causing the bad breath. That said, let’s be honest here, it is never ever easy to tell someone that their breath stinks. However, after working in my field for as long as I have, you learn to say these things diplomatically lol. I would raise the issue of bad breath in a strategic way whereby I lead with the solution and end with the problem. That way, I avoid embarrassing the person but I do my part to still improve their quality of life from a dental hygiene perspective and yes their breath too lol. The most important thing is communicating in a respectful manner. Any of us can have a bad breath day and I know that I would want someone to tell me if my breath stank but obviously in a respectful way. Keeping quiet about the bad breath or gossiping will not help the person. Some people may also have a deep lying dental health issue so its definitely not good to prejudge as well. This interview has been fun and I’d recommend everyone to always prioritise their health. Not only dental health but every form of health including mind, body, soul and spirit. Thank you Charles and a special thank  you to everyone who has tuned in with us live. 

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