Live Sessions code Blue - Ceiba Chavez and Code Blue Event Participants.

Published on June 17th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Interview with the Key Figures of the Code Blue Art Exhibition:

I had the opportunity to sit down with the key individuals behind the transformative art exhibition, Code Blue. This interactive and informative event aimed to address the pressing issue of gun violence through recycled memorial art. The exhibition encompassed various forms of art, including storytelling, music, fine arts, and solution-based technology. The ultimate goal was to provide healing and drive policy change while engaging attendees in a comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) experience. One of the driving forces of the event was celebrity public relations executive Ceiba Chaves who is…”Passionate about my clients, fierce about family, & fanatical about creativity.” Inclusion is Mandatory if Diversity is to be Accomplished! is Ceiba’s mantra.

Code Blue Art Exhibit publicist/media organizer Ceiba Chavez (center) with event Participants. (photo courtesy of Code Blue)

Code Blue Art Exhibit publicist/facilitator Ceiba Chavez (center) with event Participants. (photo courtesy of Code Blue)

Let’s delve into the insights shared by the interviewees as they discuss their efforts to combat the epidemic of gun violence in our communities.

Mothers Against Gun Violence and Founding Director Debra Gillipise:

One of the significant contributors to the Code Blue exhibition was Mothers Against Gun Violence, led by Debra Gillipise. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Debra and her organization presented the powerful stories of gun violence survivors through QR codes. These codes, when scanned, provided attendees with a deep understanding of the impact of gun violence on individuals and their communities. Additionally, muralist Natalie Derr created Bus stop Memorials that beautifully complemented these narratives.

Art Therapy and Recycled Clothing Artwork:

Raoul Deal, an interdisciplinary artist, and educator at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Peck School of the Arts, played a crucial role in the exhibition. Under his direction, surviving family members transformed the recycled clothing of their loved ones into meaningful art pieces. This art therapy approach aimed to foster healing among the attendees and shed light on the human toll of gun violence.

Sarah Fierek Donates Portion of “Code Blue” Proceeds

Sarah Fierek, a talented singer, songwriter, and humanitarian, generously contributed her newest hit single, “Code Blue,” as the exhibition’s soundtrack. The song served as a poignant accompaniment to the powerful visual displays. Furthermore, Sarah debuted the song live in New York City during the exhibition. A portion of the proceeds from the song’s earnings is being dedicated to supporting the missions of Mothers Against Gun Violence and GunMark, emphasizing the importance of their work.

The Code Blue art exhibition provided a profound and thought-provoking experience that confronted the pressing issue of gun violence. Through recycled memorial art, storytelling, and music, the event aimed to heal attendees and advocate for policy change. With the support of organizations like Mothers Against Gun Violence, the dedication of visionary individuals like Debra Gillipise, the artistic contributions of Natalie Derr and Raoul Deal, and the heartfelt generosity of Sarah Fierek, the exhibition made a significant impact. By engaging in this immersive STEAM experience, attendees were encouraged to join the movement against gun violence and support initiatives that strive for safer communities.


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