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Published on October 23rd, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Survive the Zombie Apocalypse this Halloween with The Outbreak Challenge From FIX Health

October has arrived, bringing with it the eerie rustling of autumn leaves, cobwebs on haunted houses, grown adults dressed as ghouls and vampires, and spine-tingling chills, all in celebration of Halloween. However, for fitness aficionados who crave adventure, this month signifies something special: Walktober, a month of events celebrating walking for physical wellness.

Those looking to participate in Walktober should consider an exhilarating adventure — immersing themselves in the captivating realm of The Outbreak Challenge by FIX Health, the perfect combination of zombies and a walking challenge.

We sat down with Mike Tinney, CEO of FIX Health, the visionary company behind A Step Ahead, to discuss how FIX Health is revolutionizing the gaming industry with their novel approach to fostering employee health and growing a loyal fanbase of master zombie evaders in the process.

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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, One Step at a Time

Imagine a world where the undead roam freely and survival is a matter of every step you take. That’s precisely the experience that The Outbreak Challenge offers. In this team-based, six-week fitness challenge, you and your fellow players must band together to survive in the harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape of a zombie outbreak.

With seamless integration for popular fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch, players sync their real-world steps and exercise progress to The Outbreak app.

“These activities are the currency of survival in this zombie-infested world,” Tinney explained. “Every step and workout not only helps you move across levels but also equips you to battle the relentless zombie horde.”

But beware: In this game, losing too much health can turn you into one of the undead. And that’s when you face a crucial decision: Will you work tirelessly to recover your health and rejoin your human team, or will you spend your precious steps to make the zombie horde even more formidable, with the aim of wiping out humanity?

“We built the outbreak challenge to help a person reinvent their commitment to their own health and fitness,” said Tinney. “As you navigate your way through this perilous world, every step you take becomes a lifeline. It all culminates in a thrilling race against time and the undead to reach the ultimate sanctuary: The army bunker deep in the woods.”

Other challenges include Scavenger Run, in which teammates must brave the zombie-infested city to scavenge for supplies and bring them back to base; The Blitz, where participants race to a nearby town to save the families trapped there in a rescue mission that challenges team members to do more in less time; and Risky Provisions, in which participants brave the open land between towns to deliver much-needed supplies to other settlements and learn the frightening truth… humans aren’t the only things that became zombies.

The Outbreak Challenge Provides Not Just Thrills, but Lasting Health Benefits

A Step Ahead offers many other fantasy scenarios to improve your daily steps. Imagine narratives intertwined with aliens and robots, where your physical prowess — or at least the steps you take in a day — translates into points earned.

“It’s wellness reimagined in the spirit of playful achievement and a dash of dopamine,” said Tinney. “That’s the reason we have an astonishing completion rate, an unheard of 94.4% for our six-week physical activity intervention.”

With a lifetime in game design, Tinney believes games can drive behavioral change and cultural empathy — key elements of a robust small business wellness program. He passionately stated, “When health pursuits become as rewarding as a captivating gaming experience, priorities shift, and health becomes a joy, not a chore.”

So don’t let the October month slip away without experiencing the spine-tingling excitement of The Outbreak Challenge. Gather your team, sync your fitness trackers, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the zombie-infested world of The Outbreak. 

About FIX Health

FIX Health powers A Step Ahead and The Outbreak Challenge, wellness apps that FIX Health powers A Step Ahead and The Outbreak Challenge, wellness apps that leverage technology and the expertise of FIX Health’s team to help individuals take control of their physical wellness. The apps are designed to enhance employee health and wellbeing by using video game engagement techniques to drive physical activity in employee populations. For more information please visit 


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