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Published on July 18th, 2015 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session: Introducing Chris Style

Chris_styleChris Hannah a.k.a Chris_Style was born into a large family with music as a driving force.

At the age of 15 Chris found his love for music, and hasn’t stopped since.  With years of practice and finding his voice, he has now emerged with a great sense of self and a unique sound. “Different Breed” is his first mixtape and shows his growth as an artist and displays a sound that is one in it’s own.
Chris_Style considers himself to be “inspired by greatness” including the likes of Eminem, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Drake and Jay-Z.  He also has been inspired in life lessons by Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and LeBron James, those who show humbleness and humility while being great at what they do.  Chris_Style prides himself on following in those footsteps and with that mentality.
With the motto “Just Be Yourself”, Chris does just that with his natural charisma and unparalleled style…even if he doesn’t fit the “rapper”


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