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Published on September 29th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: Diamond of Sisterhood of Hip-Hop talks growth and band ‘Gurl Code’

There is no denying Ms. “32 Flavors” aka young lioness extraordinaire Diamond, has become an indelible part of music, hitting the scene at age 14 as part of the group Crime Mob. Now 26 or 27 depending on the moment, Diamond is leading a charge for herself which includes recognizing her worth, knowing she is still growing and an awareness of the world which drives her to give back constantly.

Well rounded musically, her exploration of dynamic tones and her love for the warmth of live instrumentation, drove her to collaborate with a special group of women called “Gurl Code”. They come with their own unique blend of Rock and Hip-Hop that just might be a new challenge for other artists to meet, if they’ve never branched out. During our conversation, we talked about the massively challenging dynamics of working with a live group. Some of those challenges include mastering the use of timber, intonation, learning what melodic and harmonic balances can do to a song when in partnership, etc. Basically, it just got more technical and exciting as you lean forward to see what Gurl Code will hit you with next. Check out a live performance video of Diamond and the rest of the ladies of Gurl Code. Don’t get it twisted…this is just an expansion of the realm of Diamond…she’s not abandoning anything!

Like many artists, Diamond has been through the mill to learn the hard lessons of the entertainment industry. Stepping into the arena as a child, she grew up rapidly, yet, I’m glad to be able to congratulate her on her intestinal fortitude, and her determination to also make a difference…not just another pretty face as you will find out as you listen into our convo!

While Diamond wouldn’t give exact drop date details, we got out of her that there is a new project coming soon and we’ll start seeing an array of visuals beginning in October…stay tuned.

One of the funny tidbits from the interview is Diamond sharing the fact that other women approach her to talk about how their men love her. According to Diamond, they put in work for their man, trying to get Diamond to call them or engage in some way via social media. That really made me laugh but it speaks volumes for Diamond as a far reaching personality.

Nobody can tell you who they are or what they think better than the person with a story to tell, Diamond has quite a bit to say, much of it inspirational on a human level. You’ll also get her side of the story as to just “Who Is” the artist and person we know as Diamond. Enjoy!

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