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Reality Star Ashley Brinton aka Aye B Discusses New Single “Wednesday Thought”

Ashley Brinton aka Aye B, a young successful female rap artist has just released her newest single “Wednesday Thought”, produced by KP DID IT and recorded at EMG STUDIOS in Los Angeles, CA. Aye B is a talented writer as well and co- wrote her current track “Wednesday Thought”.  We sat down with this talented artist for a little hip hop Q&A.

You are so young! Tell me about how you got into music so young?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a really huge passion for music. I literally would find every opportunity to sing and perform, even if it was just in front of a few friends. That escalated into my career today and my love of music just continues to grow.

What made you interested in the genre of music you write sing and perform?

My adoration of this genre of music also dates back to my roots, because I always listened to rap and pop music growing up so and it heavily influenced how I create my music today.  The combination creates the sounds I love the most.

Tell me about how you come up with a song? Where do you get your ideas?

Truly, I get my ideas from everywhere. I’ll pull inspiration from the roadside, from the amazing flavor of the candy I’m eating, and I keep those ideas in my head until I get into the studio. When my producers play the beats I’ll just get up to the mic and it flows.

Who do you most relate to in the industry?

The artist I  relate mostly to is Fergie! Her younger days, her style in fashion, and her music is so iconic and so influential. I pull from it every day. I love her earlier sound because it was a lot like what I do in the crossover between pop, hip-hop, and rap.

 Who do you most want to work with in the music industry?

I really really really want to work with the Weeknd. His music is very helpful to people. He is such a super talent and super hot!

You are also a reality star! Tell me about that- you have an awesome video on a yacht!

Below Deck was the most fun trip I’ve had for work! It was so so cool shooting the video on a yacht in the south of France. Singing while seeing the beautiful views everywhere. Also, it was a blast to be on my favorite TV show.

You have a hot new song that just dropped… if I recall you came up with it a very different way from most of your music…right? 

Yes! “Wednesday Thought” just dropped, so go get it!
I originally came up with a song in the studio this one random Wednesday that I was super sick with the flu. I felt so terrible, I just wanted to curl up in a corner and not talk to anyone, just listen to beats and chill. But then I felt an overwhelming strength and said to myself, “Not this Wednesday! I stood up on the mic I had them drop the track and I just went for it. So, what you hear on the track is my random thoughts on a Wednesday.

You seem very close to your fans and have even played at high schools, what’s that like?

I am definitely extremely close to my fans! I talk to them every day on social media or in person after concerts! I love connecting with them and they inspire me the most because they introduce me to new cool things and open my eyes to things I never knew about. I believe we can learn from everyone.
The high schools I visit and perform for are really an awesome way for me to give back to my fans, specifically in my community. The crowd is always so excited for me to be there and their enthusiasm inspires me.

What did it feel like to sign your first autograph? Tell us about it

It was so exciting to sign my first autograph, but even more fun was what happened last week. This adorable girl asked me to sign her brand new shoes! I was just shocked because if I had brand new shoes I wouldn’t even let my favorite Artist sign them. When I thought about it, I decided I felt so honored that I had her whole group of girlfriends she was hanging with sign my shoes! It’s funny because now my white Air Forces have all these little girls signatures on them. It’s such an amazing reminder that I have truly awesome fans. I appreciate so much that they appreciate me.

What’s up next? ( this is an opportunity for you to talk about the tour)

This year I’m going on a two month tour with somebody major! I can’t tell you who quite yet, but I’ll definitely be releasing the news really soon! I’m going to 30 cities all around the US, and I’m nervous and excited all at the same time!

Where can people listen to your music? And what is your Instagram?

You can find my music on Apple Music Spotify SoundCloud, or anywhere else you get your music from. It’s literally everywhere if you just type in ASHLEY BRINTON. and all my social media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Triller are all @ashleybrinton!!!!! 

“Wednesday Thought” Music Video:



“Wednesday Thought”

Interview by Eileen Shapiro


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