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Tone It Up’s Karena Dawn On ALTWELL, CBD, Staying Healthy During COVID-19 & More

After being cooped up in a house for more than a month, many are feeling quite “moody.” That is part of why Tone It Up co-founder Karena Dawn teamed up with the creators of Milk Muscle to promote ALTWELL, a newly-launched CBD-Infused CPG line. So whether you are experiencing a lack of sleep due to increased anxiety, learning to balance working from home — with or without a houseful of children — or are looking for a mid-day snack to keep you properly-focused, ALTWELL has carefully-curated (and effective) premium CBD-infused products aimed to help with one’s mind, body and soul.

To learn more about this collaboration, I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Tone It Up’s Karena Dawn herself about her work with ALTWELL and more. Additional info on ALTWELL can be found within its official website at, while Karena Dawn and Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Scott has more info online at and

ALTWELL is a top producer of innovative CBD products. But to you, what makes ALTWELL stand out from other producers within the CBD fields?

Karena Dawn: There are many CBD products in the market and like most consumers I didn’t know which ones to trust. I’ve known the Pickett’s, the family behind ALTWELL, for for over 13 years. They’ve been in the food and nutrition space for a very long time and I have always trusted their products. ALTWELL has strict requirements, they’re transparent, the taste is undeniably the best in the market and they truly care about you. That’s why I joined the team, and the family!

Do you have a favorite of the ALTWELL products?

Karena Dawn: The gummies! The first time I tasted them my jaw dropped. It’s a two for one. Sweet treat plus all the benefits of CBD.

So how did your collaboration with ALTWELL come about?

Karena Dawn: I’ve known the founders for years and when I found out they were working on a CBD-related venture, I knew I had to be a part of it.

When in your life did you first become familiar with CBD?

Karena Dawn: In 2017 I was overworking myself and had a period where I was having major panic attacks. You know, the scary kind where you think you are having a heart attack. I went to the doctor and did all the tests and they confirmed I was healthy, but having severe panic attacks. I did not want to take any prescription medications and a friend introduced me to CBD at that time. So I increased my meditation practice and started taking CBD daily.

When did you first notice it to be normal and not at all taboo to be interested in CBD or THC related culture?

Karena Dawn: Several years ago. I’m not one to judge anyones choices, plus I live in California. I’ve witnessed the healing and calming benefits of CBD/THC for years in friends that were sick.

The world is currently in flux, but what is planned for you and Tone It Up in the coming months and years?

Karena Dawn: The plan is to keep providing the tools women in our community need to live their happiest and healthiest lives. Right now more than ever we need to take care of our physical and mental wellness. Tone It Up is launching our Summer Tone Up series on May 11th. It’s 6 weeks of new workouts in our app, healthy recipes, motivation, and meditation. Combine that with your ALTWELL CBD and you are well on your way to having the best summer and feeling amazing!

Is there a Tone It Up accomplishment you’re most proud of?

Karena Dawn: Staying power. Katrina and I founded Tone It Up 11 years ago! Our community of millions of women continues to grow daily. I truly believe that the more women that are a part of the #TIUteam living their best lives, the better and more kind the world becomes. Together we are Stronger!

Since you are presumably stuck inside like most of us, what are you currently enjoying for the sake of entertainment?

Karena Dawn: I’ve been enjoying new trying out new healthy recipes and spending time with my loved ones.

Finally, Karena, any last words for the kids?

Karena Dawn: People have been asking me if it’s OK if you should be working out if you are sick. I always say “listen to your body.” If it’s telling you to rest, then rest! Typically if you have a minor cold or congestion it’s fine to get a little bit of light movement in. I love walking in nature. Exercise boosts immunity and endorphins, which for me always makes me feel better. If you’re feeling feverish and have body aches, rest is key. Don’t feel bad for giving your body the time it needs to recover. A few days off won’t mess with your fitness goals.



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