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10 Energy & CBD-Related Brands You Should Get Up On In May 2021

One of the most buzzed about terms with the health space over the past few years is “CBD.” Unfortunately it is not easy to explain what CBD — a non-psycho-active cannabinoid present in both cannabis and hemp — is to the everyday person. And on top of that, not all CBD-related products are regulated by the FDA. However, many medical professional are excited about the benefits of CBD.

Below are 10 CBD-related brands and/or products I have recently discovered per research and/or pitches I have received over the last few months that are absolutely worth looking into.

Bawi Mana CBD Shots

Pickle Juice — reportedly the world’s first and only scientifically-proven, anti-cramping solution — recently announced the launch of Bawi Mana Holding, LLC to bring functional and emerging products to market. This begins beginning with the brand’s 100 percent natural Orange Burst CBD Shot, as designed to provide various benefits targeting the mind and body. The brand’s first CBD product to market, each 2.5 oz. shot contains 50mg of Nano Emulsified Broad-Spectrum CBD to aid in pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress reduction. This product is formulated with no artificial ingredients, no sugar, no caffeine and 0 percent THC.

Commented Filip Keuppens of Bawi Mana: “Our CBD Shot is scientifically formulated to offer expansive benefits, everything from easing anxiety to aiding in the body’s healing process, all while tasting delicious. And our expansion will not stop here. With Bawi Mana, we’ll continue to grow our portfolio of functional beverages in the industry as consumers call for effective, trustworthy products.”

Tonic CBD

Per its website, the founder of Tonic CBD was looking for a natural way to manage her anxiety and depression. Something that could help her like cannabis had, but would be workday-friendly, as her work as a personal trainer and health coach provided her with a pretty deep knowledge on herbal remedies. Adaptogens like ashwagandha were something she had used and recommended to her clients. And when she learned about CBD, she decided to give what she honestly thought of as “fake weed” a shot.

Tonic CBD has launched a CBD pre-roll named Sessions, reportedly created to bring the highest stress relief and help you immerse yourself into CBD wellness. The pre-roll blend includes a sun-growth, artisanal CBD, rich hemp flower grown on Tricolla Farms to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible. Each product is individually-packaged in a reusable glass tube with a cork stopper, ensuring ultimate freshness and the highest stress relief in every toke. Product quality aside, during Pride Month, the brand will be donating a percentage of sales from its pre-roll line to The Trevor Project.

Taos CBD

TAOS is an acronym standing for “Tranquility. Adventure. Outdoors. Spirit.” Billed as “more than a place” and instead “a frame of mind,” Taos’ premium line of quality products are custom-formulated for trend-savvy travelers, health and fitness advocates, and outdoor adventurers. Each product is made using only the highest quality CBD and other natural ingredients designed to embrace the adventurous and nurturing spirit of our consumers who value balance of body and mind.

Under the Vertical Wellness umbrella, Taos is a sister brand to Hemp-Moji, a fun spin on shopping for CBD products. Hemp-Moji covers a multitude of moods and can match you to the right CBD product for your needs. Just visit the Hemp-Moji website and determine the Hemp-Moji icon that depicts what you need — stress-relief, pain-relief and sleep support included — and then let the brand’s products do the rest. Halogenix and Par5 and also part of Vertical Wellness family.

Rest Day CBD

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Rest Day offers performance-driven CBD soaks and muscle rubs for the everyday athlete or those just starting out. All products are eco-friendly, non-THC and feature essential oil ingredients for maximum relief. Former marine turned world-class expedition racer, Clifton Lyles, is officially partnering with Rest Day CBD. Lyles, an adventure racer for over 20 years was a team captain in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji, has publicly-credited the brand’s products for helping improve his athletic recovery time.

Rest Day CBD’s Mini Recovery Soaks are ideal for sore feet, tender joints, aching hands, or even a luxury mani-pedi. From post-race feet to arthritis, you ought to love the pain-relieving properties and pleasant smell. Meanwhile, its Muscle Rub ought to provide targeted relief, as featuring 200mg of CBD.


Earlier this month, Headset — the leading market intelligence firm for the cannabis industry — announced the top 5 grossing cannabis beverage brands for Q1 2021. Celebrity-backed micro-dose brand CANN and the high-THC fan-favorite Major came out in the lead within that report. Responsible for the formulations of these 2 bold infused beverages is SōRSE Technology, a leading cannabis and CBD emulsion supplier to over 65 premier CBD and THC-infused food and beverage brands. SōRSE’s food emulsion technology (patent pending) provides consistent dosing, 12-month shelf life, and a total tasteless, odorless profile.

Per CANN specifically, from these Social Tonics, you can expect a great combination of THC and CBD to give you an uplifting buzz. Since CANN is a beverage, you absorb the cannabis right away, faster than you would with a solid edible. While the initial feelings of CANN are to be expected within 10 minutes, you can also expect those feelings to subside faster, after about an hour. Thus, you can maintain control after enjoying CANN’s fine, fine offerings; for those not looking for THC, “Unspiked” versions of CANN are available.

Perfect Plant Hemp Co.

Nashville-based NuSachi, Inc. is known to partner with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, pet, beauty, food, and beverage leaders to ensure transparency for premium hemp products around the world, from seed to sale. In turn, NuSachi offers expertise and services spanning genetics, plant material, extracts, custom formulations, white labeling, and comprehensive turnkey solutions.

In partnership with NuSachi, Perfect Plant Hemp Co. is a premier hemp dispensary focused on providing the high-quality CBD products, education and customer service. In addition to its gourmet gummies, NuSachi provides high-quality, greenhouse-cultivated hemp flower for Perfect Plant Hemp Co., while also formulating and co-producing the company’s own branded Broad Spectrum Tincture (THC-free), Yin (2:1 CBD:CBN) and Yang (2:1 CBD:CBG) Tinctures using rare cannabis-derived terpenes. Per the aforementioned gummies, they come in multiple delicious flavors, including Pina Colada, Mango Chili Lime, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Grapefruit Negroni, and Dutch Apple Pie.

NuLeaf Naturals

Founded in 2014 by a group of health-conscious plant medicine aficionados, NuLeaf Naturals is one of America’s top pioneering cannabinoid wellness companies. Per its website, the company’s vision is to pave the way for a line of cannabinoid wellness products that promote a healthy body and mind. Ultimately, NuLeaf aims to help people and their loved ones live a happier, healthier lives.

Especially great is NuLeaf’s Delta 8 THC Oil. A whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes, its ingredients are simply Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil. For all U.S.-based orders of the Delta 8 THC Oil, fast and free 2-3 day shipping is being offered.

Direct CBD Online

Direct CBD Online is reportedly the largest online CBD marketplace, carrying more than 5,000 products from 150+ leading CBD brands. Thus, whether you want a roll-on, tincture, gummy, edible or spray, Direct CBD Online has every remedy you may need to stay relaxed. As founded in 2018, Direct CBD Online sells plenty more than oils, edibles and creams, including CBD-related offerings for pets.

One of the brands selling its wares via Direct CBD Online is Martha Stewart CBD. Said to be coming soon from that brand is the Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummies Valentine’s Day Gift Box, as priced at $69.99. Either way, your first order via this site will receive a 25 percent discount when you use the purchase code “NEW25” for a limited time.

PURE Energy Drink

As available via Amazon and, PURE Energy Drink was developed by Formula race driver David Schiwietz, the founder of PURE International Corporation. PURE Energy Drink, which is vegan-friendly, contains almost 90 percent mineral water, B vitamins, and only 10 grams of beet sugar. It also features no carbs, no sugar, 4,000mg of BCAA, 500mg L-Carnitine, and 80mg of caffeine.

Per Schiwietz: “I wanted the purest drink on the market. It had to be healthier than classics. And it needed to have a refreshing taste that people would love… I believe PURE Energy Drink will pass the test of time. It has a refreshing taste that will have consumers wanting more… You can drink our BCAA beverage before, during, and after working out to help you train harder and recover after a workout.”

Zhou Nutrition’s Screen Eyes Gummies

Zhou Nutrition operates FDA-registered and inspected Facilities, and per its website is committed to bringing its “customers the highest quality and most effective herbal supplements on the market.” This includes the best-selling Horny Goat Weed with Maca Root, Water Away with Dandelion, and Thyroid Support with Vitamin B-12. All Zhou Nutrition products are subject to GMP Standards.

The latest offering from Zhou Nutrition I had the pleasure of trying is the brand’s Screen Eyes Gummies. As sourced from marigold extract, these segummies are designed to be used alongside blue light blocking glasses to help support eye health. Lutein may help support healthy eye function and healthy eye-aging, thus these Utah-produced, lab-verified gummies are intended to be enjoyed regularly and long-term.


Confidence is the brainchild of Southern California-based Gen Z entrepreneurs Brandon Oberfeld and Charles Gore. Friends since childhood, the two have long bonded over their shared passion for making practical solutions to help aide in worldwide problems. With backgrounds in the gaming and social media space, they were driven by a passion to minimize the negative impact of social media that is a cornerstone of their generation. Realizing the self-confidence deprivation and constant comparison culture that social media was evoking in their peers, they began to question what outside of tech could people do to better their confidence?

An organic, all-natural, sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage backed by science to boost people’s moods and feelings of harmony and help wash away anxiety, fear and self-doubt, Confidence aims to give everyday people an essential confidence boost. It all starts with scientific-backed functional ingredients and adaptogens, plant-based ingredients that work at the molecular level to lighten the effect of physical, mental and emotional stressors on the body. Confidence’s combination of Ginseng, 5-HTP, Rhodiola, GABA and B vitamins work together to help you feel like the best version of yourself with benefits that include lowered stress, increased mental sharpness, improved mood and a better functioning nervous system. Nutritious and delicious.


As the first Native American owned hemp farm and CBD retailer in Wisconsin, Canndigenous focuses on growing local, high-quality CBD and providing wellness products with a commitment to natural, organic and sustainable practices. All of Canndigenous’ hemp plants are rooted around tenets of love for family, support for community, respect for the natural world and a commitment to doing everything, as the Ojibwe say, “in a good way.”

Per founder Rob Pero: “At Canndigenous, this commitment to do things ‘in a good way’ is not just an affirmation of our Ojibwe roots. It’s a daily mandate and a driving force in everything we do. It’s a spiritual stance with tangible actions that lead us to produce health-focused CBD products.” Canndigenous CBD products including hemp flower, pre-rolls and tinctures are currently available online and at Ripley Green’s retail location at 226 W. Main Street in historic Cambridge, Wisconsin.

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