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Published on August 23rd, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


VS The King: A Journey of Music, Reflection, and Inspiration – Live Session

As I settled into the conversation with VS The King, our exchange kicked off with easy banter, discussing his intriguing virtual background and the impending interview. The atmosphere was congenial, setting the stage for a dialogue that would soon delve into the heart of his music and experiences.

Honestly, I introduced VS The King with an air of anticipation of the conversation to come highlighting his single “Baddie” and upcoming LP “Solid Season.” The spotlight was on, and VS graciously shared insights into his persona, “VS The King,” along with his recent collaborations and his hiatus from the music scene.

The vibe took on a more reflective tone as VS opened up about his transformative time behind bars. He eloquently described the lessons he gleaned during his period of self-discovery and how these insights now guided his journey in the music industry. In our exchange, he courageously tackled the challenges he confronted as a Black artist, detailing his victorious navigation through those obstacles. His words resonated as he stressed the importance of unwavering perseverance and authenticity as stepping stones to triumph. VS wasted no time after his vacation and dropped a bop right out of the gate upon release:

Amidst our discourse, VS expressed passion for music, and its potential to inspire young minds shone brightly. His lyrical craftsmanship, he explained, aimed to evoke the same emotions he felt upon encountering rap for the first time. The electricity surrounding his new release “Baddie” was crackling as he excitedly unveiled his intentions to celebrate diverse women through his music, a tribute to their accomplishments and resilience across various domains. He informed me that he intends for “Baddie” to ultimately have three versions.

As the conversation flowed, a sage piece of advice emerged, cautioning against the allure of lavish clubbing and excessive spending. VS holds sincere belief in music’s transformative power came to the fore, as he expressed his desire to carve out a distinct path in the industry. His new venture, Take Two Entertainment, unveiled itself, a platform through which he aspires to extend opportunities to those emerging from incarceration, allowing them an equitable chance in the music realm. The sentiment of the community, of giving back to the neighborhoods that molded him, permeated every word.

VS The King

VS The King

Passion for his craft and a drive to catalyze individuality ran as a common thread through our discussion. His insights into issues like gentrification and the dearth of industry mentors were enlightening. He fervently called for a lineage of guidance, for veterans to nurture emerging artists, ensuring the industry’s vibrancy and future.

In the end, VS The King’s commitment to his art and his aspiration to make his voice count were unequivocal. As we concluded our exchange, his indomitable spirit lingered, an inspiring reminder that success blooms from a blend of passion, authenticity, and a dedication to uplifting others…Tune in to our full conversation below!!!

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