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Live Sessions Live Session conversation with Tragedy Khadafi named Chief Hip Hop Officer of Infanity

Published on November 20th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Tragedy Khadafi: Pioneering the Future of Hip Hop at Infanity

In a bold move signaling the convergence of music and technology, Infanity, a trailblazing entity at the forefront of the music NFT revolution, proudly announces the induction of iconic recording artist Tragedy Khadafi as their Chief Hip Hop Officer. Renata Lowenbraun, the CEO of Infanity, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting Khadafi’s pivotal role in shaping the next wave of Hip Hop artists in the Web3 space.

A Visionary Reinventing the Culture

Tragedy Khadafi, an influential figure revered as the father of the Queensbridge sound, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to his new role at Infanity. Renowned for mentoring and launching Capone-N-Noreaga’s platinum-selling album, “The War Report,” under his imprint, 25 to Life Entertainment, Khadafi’s influence extends far beyond his own dynamic career.

An Illustrious Career in Hip Hop

As a solo artist operating under multiple monikers during his journey including Intelligent Hoodlum, Tragedy Khadafi made indelible marks with releases on A&M Records. Later, he showcased his entrepreneurial acumen by establishing his imprint on V2 Records and subsequently Caroline Distribution/EMI.

My experience with Tragedy’s music is from the early days, beginning with the 1993 album “Tragedy: Saga Of A Hoodlum” under the moniker of Intelligent Hoodlum. Specifically for me from that project, it was the “Grand Groove” joint. THAT’s the one that immediately connected. It’s wild how this cut is still hauntingly, glaringly, relevant to this day…no matter whether you’re a civilian, wolf, or warrior this masterpiece says what many still can’t:

Still doing the damn thing as an artist, Tragedy recently dropped a new single entitled “Situation Lit” with Endemic Emerald. Serious topic on a VERY SERIOUS music bed…I could go in on it but click the link above, give it a spin, and check in with your thoughts in the comments…we def welcome your perspective!

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A Futuristic Approach to Musical Autonomy

Infanity is a pioneering Web3 platform empowering independent artists to seize control of their musical destinies. Leveraging this innovative technology, artists can release music while offering unique, immersive experiences to engage and expand their fan bases.

Bridging Traditions in Hip Hop and Web3

The appointment of Tragedy Khadafi as Chief Hip Hop Officer embodies Infanity’s commitment to bridging the worlds of traditional Hip Hop and the innovative landscape of Web3. Together, they aim to pioneer new avenues for musical expression while nurturing the artistic evolution of Hip Hop within the digital frontier.

For further insights into Infanity and its groundbreaking initiatives, visit or track their journey on various social media platforms.

I caught a late evening interview with the executive for a fun, valuable conversation as to what’s REALLY going over there at Infanity and the benchmark moment that sold him on the concept, movement, and mission of the company and the founding leadership. Check the highlights and full Live Session conversation below…tune in!!!


Tragedy Khadafi and I kicked off the session with lively exchanges, sharing anecdotes about our dancing skills. I introduced the session by commemorating Hip Hop’s monumental 50th anniversary and his role in several benchmarks within the culture, setting the stage for a captivating conversation.

Unraveling Hip Hop’s Legacy

Our discussion delved into the roots of the term “Illmatic,” clarifying its origin tied to Illmatic Ice from Queens Bridge. We delved deeper into the importance of authenticity in interviews and maintaining journalistic integrity.

Personal Journey, Mentorship, and Industry Leadership

Tragedy shared insights into his remarkable journey, recounting his introduction to Public Enemy through persistent calls to Chuck D. His transformation, guided by the wisdom of Malcolm X and Chuck D, became the bedrock of his leadership in the Hip Hop community.

Live Session conversation with Tragedy Khadafi named Chief Hip Hop Officer of Infanity

Bridging Realms: Traditional Hip Hop and Web 3

As Chief Hip Hop Officer at Infanity, Tragedy outlined his plans to empower artists and bridge traditional Hip Hop with the innovative realm of Web 3. We emphasized transparency, artist empowerment, and the potential of NFTs to grant greater control to musicians.

Mentorship and Musical Guidance

Our conversation unveiled an upcoming mentorship program at Infanity, aiming to guide artists, executives, and industry professionals toward sustainable careers. This program focuses on various aspects, including structure, monetization, marketing, and optimization, to foster enduring success.

Digital Dynamics in Music Creation

Exploring the fusion of music and technology, we discussed Infanity’s tools to deepen fan connections. We addressed challenges in monetization and stressed the importance of strategic decision-making for artists aiming for sustained success.

Innovative Music Delivery and Financial Literacy

The natural flow of the session organically shifted to the power of social media in delivering music and liner notes innovatively. We pondered over financial literacy, contemplating the transformative impact of Web3 and the metaverse on reshaping the music industry’s landscape.

In a session brimming with engaging conversations and shared insights, Tragedy Khadafi and I navigated through Hip Hop’s history, and technological innovations, and he educated us about the visionary path the Infanity team sees charted for the music industry’s future…Check out the full conversation below!

More About Tragedy Khadafi: A Hip-Hop Vanguard’s Journey

Roots in Queensbridge: Percy Chapman, born in 1971, was raised in Queens’ Queensbridge Housing Projects. He immersed himself in the budding world of Hip Hop as a youngster in the late ’70s.

Influential Beginnings: Inspired by LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells,” Chapman adopted the moniker Jadeski. Teaming up with DJ Hot Day, they dropped tracks in ’86. His talent caught the attention of Marley Marl, paving his way into the Juice Crew.

Early Records and Setbacks: Tragedy contributed to Marley Marl’s 1988 album but faced a three-year stint in Elmira Correctional Facility at just 16. Despite setbacks, he delved into reading during incarceration, sparking an interest in Black history.

The Rise of Tragedy Khadafi: After his release, he reconnected with Hip Hop through Joe Fatal’s encouragement. He signed on with Gee Street and released albums under various names before adopting Tragedy Khadafi.

Collaborations and Evolution: Tragedy played a pivotal role in nurturing talent like Capone-N-Noreaga and collaborated with notable artists throughout the ’90s, contributing to their debut album, “The War Report.”

Artistic Evolution and Challenges: Despite legal setbacks, Tragedy’s passion for music remained undeterred. He released albums like “Against All Odds” (2001), “Still Reportin'” (2003), and “Thug Matrix” (2005), showcasing resilience amid adversity.

Return and Prolific Output: Post-release, Tragedy Khadafi reignited his music career, unleashing a flood of songs, mixtapes, EPs, and collaborations, including albums like “Immortal Titans” and “The Builders” in 2018.

The about statement is condensed, highlighted, and partially based on amazing original bio content by Marisa Brown, Rovi on the Tragedy Khadafi Spotify profile.


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