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Published on April 21st, 2017 | by David Morales


Claire Mortifee in ‘Medicines’

Claire Mortifee’s music takes you on an electrifying journey of jazz, hip hop and soul that grooves. She’s addicting. Listening to her tracks is considerably appeasing. There is a message in-between her tunes; metaphors that are thoughtfully represented throughout her neo soul psychedelic motifs. A modern pop star with the essence of love behind her music. Its popping and The Hype magazine took a dose.

I don’t see this music as mine, I see it as a spirit that channels through me. That spirit offers me this music, so that I can offer it to others. So, I trust who ever that is ready for this medicine, that it will come to them. – Claire Mortifee

Coming out this summer with her debut album “Medicines,”  Claire Mortifee describes how her single titled “Ouroboros” is a depiction of her prose and creativity.

You have this new single “Ouroboros,” what can you tell me about it?

So, my buddies used to come out to Vancouver, British Columbia over the weekend to make music and we made this song one week! It was good vibes and stuff! The song just came out. I had been thinking a lot about the symbolism of the Ouroboros. I was even preparing to get a tattoo of it. I’ve been considering its medicine a lot. I have this whole thing about it. So, that’s how the song came out!

So, you are originally from Vancouver. Tell me about the music scene there.

There is definitely a scene! But for what I was craving in terms of career and a whole lifestyle brand, I wanted something rich and diverse. The people who are hungry for what I am offering, are not in Vancouver. However, it was a good incubation ground. I loved it. There is a lot of support from the Canadian government, and that funded my whole album.  Shout out to FACTOR. The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings. I have extreme gratitude for being a Canadian artist and having access to that support. I spent the fall in Toronto and I found a lot of support there. The arts and activism scene there is very in depth. There is very cool stuff in Toronto. However, Vancouver will always be home, and the natural beauty is astounding. But I didn’t feel satisfied with the music scene, which is why I ditched out.

“Ouroboros” is off your debut album “Medicines.” When do you expect that to be out?

We are just talking to the PR company about releasing it this summer depending on a couple of factors. We are planning a tour mostly in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, and London and kind of taking it from there. We want it to be natural and organic. My manager is great. He is very mindful of who I am. He doesn’t want me playing random dive bars. We don’t need to do a tour just for the sake of it. We are just trying to connect with people who are going to connect with the spirit of the album. Just trust what will come will come, from that, and from those main cities.  That is the game plan right now.

Where do you draw a lot of your inspirations from?

The guy who created this music with me is named AstroLogical, also from Vancouver. He introduced me to hip hop. I didn’t even know Neo Soul existed until they introduced me to Erykah Badu. I just immediately fell in love with it. Within a month, I knew all these songs. Then I started making music with them. Amy Winehouse has been a huge vocal influence. Also, Hiatus Kaiyote is also a big influence.

Where can we follow you at?

I’m on Instagram @clairemortifee. It’s the same with Twitter, and soundcloud. I’m the only Claire Mortifee on this planet! I’m just like my fans. We are just humans having trippy a** human experiences. It’s not easy right! You go through a lot of difficult s***. That is what has spawned this album and my creativity, even just my urge to share my self and to connect with people. So much of my life involves supporting my deep self or those parts of myself that have been hurt or that are hurting. So, I invite people to connect with the music on that level. I don’t see this music as mine, I see it as a spirit that channels through me. That spirit offers me this music, so that I can offer it to others. So, I trust who ever that is ready for this medicine, that it will come to them.

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