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Sal Vance – Say No More

Courtesy of Sal Vance

Actor Sal Vance is best known for his roles in Amazon Prime’s psychological thriller “SYN,” TBS’ comedy “The Guest Book,” and the sports-drama feature “Going Vertical.” He’s also an accomplished author (“Say No More”), athlete, public speaker, and inspirational mentor to inner-city youth who imparts lessons of a difficult past to troubled teens, inspiring them to step up and change their circumstances for a brighter future. We caught up with Sal to talk about NCAA, inner-city issues, acting, and more.

The NCAA is strongly considering letting college athletics profit from their names. Can you share with us from a former collegiate athlete’s perspective on the news?

I agree with kids playing sports being able to profit on their likeness. Coming from a single-parent household with an incarcerated father and a mother trying to make ends meet, I had no other source of income when it came to me playing college ball on scholarship. As athletes, we burn so many calories, we need a place to eat when the cafeterias are closed.

You are a mentor for the inner-city youth. Why is it so important to you to give back to your community?

It’s important to give back to my community because I remember what the mentors in and outside of my communities did for me. If they wouldn’t have been there for me, I would not be here today to be able to give back.

You were also homeless at one point in your life. What are some of the life lessons you gain for it?

Being homeless, I learned that tomorrow isn’t promised for anyone, and to get up and change my circumstances no matter how hard the work was going to be. I could settle and become a statistic, or I could try and try again until I succeeded through any obstacle that came my way.

Most recently you were featured on the TV series The Guest Book. What other projects can we see in later this year?

Working with CBS/TBS and The Guest book was great. Currently, I’m in the running for a few projects on top cable networks, as well as producing and starring in a feature myself later this year.

How has your time as a commercial actor prepared you for sitcoms, and film?

Working on fast-paced sets with an array of different directors and producers has helped me create meaningful relationships while at the same time teaching me how to change up on the fly if I needed to improv. It’s also helped me deal with script rewrites.

You have also been featured in music videos in the past. Are there any that we might see you in this year?

I loved working in music videos in my early years of acting, but currently, my focus is more on film, television, modeling, and my philanthropic work.

You wrote a book entitled “Say No More.” Can you share the inspiration behind the book?

“Say No More” is a saying that we would use in my neighborhood in Philly to let you know that “I got this.” The inspiration came from chronicling my life in a way that would give hope and support to those that find it hard to go on after being cornered time and time again with life-altering situations, and to let them know that, no matter what, there is always a brighter day – and to have faith followed by hard work.

Do you plan on writing another book any time soon?

I do plan on writing another book. To be continued… [laughs]

Who are you NBA Finals picks this year?

The Bucks.

Who are your picks for MVP and Rookie of the year?

Rookie of the year has to go to Luca Doncic. He’s been doing his thing. And Giannis is the MVP from all the hard work he’s been putting in, and carrying that team to the top of the east.


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