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Paul Ring, Founder of Bungalo Records, on West Coast Hip Hop and Two Decades in the Business

In a candid and enlightening Live Session interview, Paul Ring, the founder of Bungalo Records in Los Angeles, sat down with The Hype Magazine to discuss his journey in the music industry, the impact of Bungalo Records on West Coast Hip Hop, and the label’s place in the industry after over two decades. He also admitted his amazement and delight for the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and the fact he and his Bungalo Records imprint have been part of that overall history for nearly half that time.

Background and Inspiration for Bungalo Records

When asked about his background and the inspiration behind creating Bungalo Records, Paul Ring shared, “I was a successful recording engineer and producer with a lot of gold and platinum records,” he said. “I was a bit burned out on the all-nighters at the studio and thought the grass would be greener having a label as opposed to what I had been doing for the past 15 years.”

He emphasized his understanding of the creative process as a significant advantage in his new role. “The fact that I understood the creative process so well definitely helped me to interact with the artists in a real way where they really cared about my opinion on the mix or the production, etc.”

Contributions to West Coast Hip Hop

Bungalo Records’ role in elevating West Coast Hip Hop was a collaborative effort. Ring acknowledged the importance of key individuals like his longtime friend and mentor, music mogul Joe Isgro, Tony Lane, and Laneway Records. “Tony believed in Bungalo and brought Quick and Free over to us,” Ring stated.

Early Collaborations and Growth of the Label

Reflecting on the artists he worked with early in his career, Ring mentioned his admiration for DJ Quik. “I was a big DJ Quik fan, and getting a chance to just sit in the studio and watch him create and then ultimately getting to put his record out was a great moment for sure.” He highlighted the impact of Quik’s record “When I Bubble It’s Trouble,” which received heavy radio airplay and contributed significantly to the label’s growth.

Shaping the Sound of West Coast Hip Hop

Regarding Bungalo Records’ role in shaping the sound of West Coast Hip Hop, Ring modestly deflected the credit. “I don’t think we shaped it; the artists certainly did like Quik and Free and Westside Connection with Mack 10. Those guys just did what they do, and I was able to enjoy getting some of the credit.”

The Vision for Bungalo Records

When asked about his initial vision for the label and how it evolved over time, Ring revealed his commitment to artists. “My vision was to be the best place for an artist to come,” he explained. “Back in that day, we were the only label that would be paying for the creation of the masters and then letting the artist own those masters within a few years, all rights reverting back. That was a big statement from Bungalo’s side that we wanted to level the playing field for the artist, and we really respected their life’s work.”

Paul Ring’s journey with Bungalo Records reflects a deep appreciation for the artistry of musicians and a dedication to providing them with a platform that values their creative contributions. As the music industry continues to evolve, Bungalo Records remains a vital player in the world of West Coast Hip Hop.

I had a great time connecting with Paul and learning some key West Coast Hip Hop History…Check out the full Live Session below

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