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Meet Rising Star Shondalia White Who Shines in STARZ’s Epic ‘BMF’ Series

Shondalia White. Bright, witty, and hilarious, Shondalia stars in Starz’s gritty series BLACK MAFIA FAMILY from Executive Producer Curtis “50 Cent Jackson. She portrays Karen Jones, the niece of Pastor Swift, a no-nonsense lawyer with a heart of gold. Karen is the lawyer for the Flenory family regarding Terry’s botched surgery. For Karen, justice is not an unreasonable request and she goes the extra mile to get whatever her clients deserve. Beyond her recurring role on the epic series BMF, White also lends her multiple talents to a myriad of other entertainment-related pursuits like stand up comedy, voice acting, producing and more…let’s just say she stays working which is a big deal in this industry!

The Hype Magazine wanted to know more about this emerging personality and so we got her to weigh in on a few things!

From the outside looking in, who is Shondalia White?

Shondalia White is a multi-hyphenated Actress, Comedian, Voice Actress, Writer, and Producer from Flint  Michigan by way of Detroit Michigan living and following her dreams in Los  Angeles.

What was the defining moment that brought you to the entertainment industry for a  living?

I was a TV kid. I would memorize films and commercials then perform them for family and people in my neighborhood. It wasn’t until college that I knew I  wanted to move to LA and work in the entertainment industry. After I interned here in LA, I knew it was the place for me, but initially, it was for animation,  producing, and voice acting. It developed into acting on camera and comedy after taking Improv classes, going to school for acting and voice acting. I was like,  “yeah this feels right.”

So, you are a funny person LOL! What made standup so attractive to you?

Hahah! Yes,  I’m a funny woman! I’ve always been a fan of comedy so it makes complete sense that I would be drawn to it. I started my comedy career in Improv Comedy at IO  West in Hollywood and took classes at The Groundlings. After performing on house teams, I decided it might be fun to try it on my own so I didn’t have to depend on anyone else to be funny. I tried Stand-Up Comedy and fell in love! I  enjoy being able to give my POV on things and make tough topics approachable.  I do still use my Improv skills on stage and in acting. It’s a great tool.

What’s the difference in the energy of stage and screen?

On stage, you get immediate feedback. You know right away if something works or not. The energy is amazing!  On-screen you have to wait for it, but the energy is still amazing just postponed and given in a more indirect way.

Congrats on your role in the outstanding drama BMF, how did that come about?

Thank you! It’s been an honor being a part of a Michigan story as a Michigander. I got the role of Karen Jones in BMF in the traditional way, via audition. They liked my audition and I got the job!

What’s been the biggest takeaway you get from the story?

The biggest takeaway I’ve gotten from BMF is Family is everything and everyone is reaching for the  American Dream. We all deserve it.

What’s the most satisfying part of your career for you right now?

The most satisfying part of my career right now is finally getting to show everyone on a larger scale what I can do by recurring on BMF and Season 3 of Good Trouble on FREEFORM.  Knowing this is only the beginning. There’s so much more to come and I’m excited about it!

What’s the most important thing we should know about Shondalia White?

The most important thing you should know about Shondalia White is that I’m here to stay in multiple areas and I’d love for you to take the ride with me so stay tuned.

What’s coming up for 2022?

2022 I have a few animated films coming out and I’m recurring in a Netflix Animated Series. We shall see what is to come of Karen  Jones in BMF.

Where can we find you online?

You can find me on Instagram & Twitter  @ShondaliaWhite


Featured Image: Shondalia White (photo credit Tisha Brenee)

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